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This year’s assembly is like no other assembly….but God is still moving among and through the faithful.  We will gather virtually this year to do the business of the synod and celebrate all of our blessings.  Below is important information for the coming event.  Check back often to find any updates or additions.  God bless you and “see” at assembly October 15-16.  If you have any additional question or concerns please reach out the to Bishop’s staff at or call 813-876-7660.

Registration for the Virtual Assembly is open from September 1st to September 30th.


Assembly Agenda

Click here to see the Assembly’s Agenda

Nominations Book

The Nominations Book highlights everyone who is nominated for an open position, along with a bio and more information.

Click here to view the Nominations Book

Assembly Materials

Click here for Reports
Click here for Standing Rules
Click here for Youth Bylaw Change
Click here for Council Bylaw Change
Click here to submit a Floor Nomination


How do I use Zoom?

How to join a meeting

In Meeting Zoom Functions

How do I vote?

There will be training available the week of October 4.

What if visitors want to attend?

All visitors will be able to watch the virtual assembly on YouTube where it will be live-streamed.