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Annual Reports and Guidelines

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


After the virtual Synod Assembly in October a new Compensation Team was appointed by the Bishop Suarez. This team is made up of Word and Sacrament leaders, Word and Service leaders and Lay leaders. The team reviewed the current conditions regarding our rostered leaders, congregations, and the economy.

There are many factors debated in a healthy constructive manner. The team considered the market correction and cost of living increase recommended by the synod Compensation Team for rostered clergy last year(roughly 6.5%), the inflation rate this year (6+%), the increase in Portico (3.5%), the impact of Covid on our churches and the giving they receive, and the outlook for 2022.

After some hard conversations the Compensation Team recommends the following two changes to the Compensation Guidelines.


The recommendation is, at the very minimum, rostered clergy be given at least a 3% increase in their base pay. We encourage congregations to start at the 3% and be as generous as possible.


It is also the recommendation that, given the past two years, rostered clergy be given a gift of grace in the form of a paid week off (including a Sunday) for Health and Wellness.

This week would have the following suggestions:

  • It is in addition to all paid time off a rostered leader already have.
  • It is only good for the calendar year of 2022.
  • It is a one-time gift of grace and appreciation for the year of 2022.
  • It is non-redeemable for cash payout, carry over to another year, or exchange for any other benefit.
  • It is used in any manner the roster leader would like to us it.
  • That proper coverage be in place during the leader’s absence.



The Florida-Bahamas Compensation Team.


Compensation Guidelines:

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