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Annual Reports and Guidelines

Dear Siblings in Christ,

Each year the Compensation Team reviews the guidelines for our Rostered Leaders.  Each year the team looks at market conditions, benefit rate increases, and when different parts of the guidelines were last updated.  The Compensation Team comprises Word and Sacrament, Word and Service, and Lay leaders.

The team recognizes that our leaders are dealing with several additional post-COVID demands, a new “normal” in our congregations, and additional stressors on the ministry and our ministers.  One area that makes up a portion of each congregation’s budget is health benefits.  The healthcare industry is seeing an average rate increase of 6%.   This year Portico has an increase in rates of 3.2%.

We also talked about the state of the current economy.  This year inflation appears to be around 3.7%.

The Compensation Team recommends a pay increase of 4%.  The team hopes that conversations with rostered leaders and their leadership teams will occur to find the best compensation rate that works for the congregation and pastor/deacon.

Second, the team looked at the guidelines for Supply Pastor pay.  The new recommendation is for Supply Pastors to receive $225 for the first service and $50 for each additional service.  The team also wanted to reaffirm the current guideline of reimbursing mileage at the IRS rate.  At the time of writing, that rate is 65.5 cents per mile.  Supply pastors should also be reimbursed for any food or housing costs.

The Compensation Team’s thorough review of our Rostered Leaders’ guidelines demonstrates a sincere commitment to supporting our dedicated leaders in these challenging times. We understand the extraordinary demands they face post-COVID, the evolving dynamics in our congregations, and the economic factors affecting our budgets.  We pray for you – our leaders and congregations – as we continue the work of the Gospel.


The Florida-Bahamas Compensation Team

Compensation Guidelines:

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