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Is God calling you to public ministry?

Would you like more information about becoming an ELCA rostered minister, either to Word and Service (consecrated Deacon) or Word and Sacrament (ordained Pastor)?

I feel that God is Calling me to public ministry.

One who serves the ELCA in public ministry as a consecrated deacon or an ordained pastor is called a “rostered minister.”

Where do I begin?

What is the Candidacy Process?

In the ELCA, one’s discernment to rostered ministry is called the “Candidacy Process.” Before you enter seminary, you must enter into the candidacy process if it is your intent to become a rostered leader in the ELCA (a Pastor or a Deacon). Candidates along the discernment path are accompanied by the candidate’s home congregation, the seminary, and the Candidacy Committee. The congregation provides prayer and financial support (as possible). The seminary provides opportunity for formation and education. During this process, the Candidacy Committee serves as a discernment partner and provides oversight of the formation/educational process and the candidate’s overall readiness to serve the ELCA as a rostered leader.

I feel the Call to serve God, but I don’t feel Called to go to seminary. What can I do?

Synod Parish Deacons: The Synod Parish Deacon program provides lay members with training for intentional service with their pastor in their home congregation. A synod parish deacon is not an ELCA rostered minister. Synod Deacon

diakonia: Local opportunities for theological study. Can be a preparatory program to become a Synod Parish Deacon. diakonia