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Mission Partner 100

MP100 Appeal, Spring 2022: St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pensacola


St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church is located on the busiest street in Pensacola, Florida.  Facing significant challenges over the past few years that threatened their history as an ELCA congregation, they have now emerged and remain the western-most congregation in the Florida-Bahamas Synod.  Along with their thriving pre-school serving the Pensacola community, the congregation has now turned to rebuilding as a renewing and impact-making congregation.

Located on 9th Avenue, St. Paul sees over 25,000 cars passing by each day. However, the church building is set back and is nearly invisible to those driving by, and the welcome sign is outdated, lacking color and messaging to draw people’s attention.

Working closely with the Office of the Bishop, St. Paul’s has established a new mission plan: “Envision.” The Envision mission plan includes an at-home community experience for all who walk through the doors of St. Paul. It will turn the congregation’s focus on warmly welcoming guests.  Another area of focus is the vibrant pre-school program already in place at St. Paul. With 90 students and a steady waiting list, St. Paul’s is connecting more richly with the preschool families by sharing God’s goodness and love with the children and parents.

Inspired by their new vision from God, St. Paul looks forward to an increased response from the people who live in the community around them and from the multitude of people driving past the church each day.  With God’s grace, St. Paul’s will become even more vital as people become interested and are compelled to visit the welcoming and grace-filled experience called, St. Paul Lutheran.

We need your help so that St. Paul can grab the attention of all those who drive by every day!  A colorful and creative sign will show the community that St. Paul’s is filled with goodness and grace for all!

A Mission Partner 100 grant will help purchase this sign to announce that we are here – that we are new – and that we are here for everyone.  Your gift will help to ensure a strong and invitational ELCA presence in Pensacola as St. Paul’s becomes more and more of a difference-maker with and for God.

A great new day is dawning, and you can be part of it!  Please share in our joy!  And thank you!

Thank you for your consideration of this appeal.

Over the years, Mission Partners 100 program has been able to make a difference in our congregations and new developments of the Florida-Bahamas Synod.  Over the last two years these congregations have benefitted from this wonderful program, and a total of $45,363.00 has been raised:

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church, Miami – Roof repairs for their sanctuary.
  • The Community, ELCA, Babcock Ranch – Worshipping community building.
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, Jacksonville – Repairing of the facilities & expansion of the food pantry.
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Tampa – Repair & renovation of main entrance and bathrooms.

Mission Partner 100 (MP100) FAQs

What is MP100?
MP100 is a synod campaign that invites donors to support specific projects for congregations designated by the Office of the Bishop.  MP100 recipients are often congregations that have a specific construction or facility need related to their ministry priorities and vision for mission.  The vision of MP100 is that if a large group of donors contribute $100 each, the funding available for specific projects increases.  MP100 is an example of how we can be ‘church together for the sake of the world’ as the Florida-Bahamas Synod.

How do I contribute?
You can send in a donation to the synod office designated for “MP100”.  You can also designate your electronic gift for MP100 through the “Give Now” link on the home page of the web site.

How are recipients chosen?
Each year, MP100 recipients are chosen in consultation between the Directors for Evangelical Mission and the Bishop.  The recipient (congregation) is invited to submit a brief description of the target project that is then shared with the donor list.

How do I get onto the donor list?
You may send a note to Yuliet Garcia, Administrative Assistant to the DEMs (, to request an MP100 letter.  When you make a donation to MP100, you are automatically added to the list for following years.

Many Ways to Give

First, please give your prayer support, and then select which option works best for you.

Over the years Mission Partners 100 has expanded to include opportunities to give in addition to the central and primary $100 gift for those looking to empower mission development further in special circumstances called Mission Partners Plus.

Through Mission Partners Plus you can provide a second $100 gift:

  • To the Mission Partner 100 current appeal!
  • Other Developing Ministries
  • For Multi-Cultural Development

Go to and click “Give Now!”. Designate your gift to one of the 3 MP100 categories:

  1. MP100 Current Appeal (provides support for specific project identified)
  2. MP100 Multicultural Development (provides support for any multicultural development ministry)
  3. MP100 Mission Development (provides support for any mission development ministry)

SPREAD the word about MP100 in your congregation:  Speakers are available to come to your congregation and tell the Mission Partners 100 story and invite individuals from your congregation to become partners.  E-mail Yuliet Garcia at about your interest to schedule.