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Synod Council

The Synod Council:

Exercises trusteeship responsibilities on behalf of the synod;

Recommends program goals and budgets to the regular meetings of the Synod Assembly;

Carries out the resolutions of the Synod Assembly;

Provides for an annual review of the roster of ordained ministers and of other official rosters, receives and acts upon appropriate recommendations regarding those persons whose status is subject to reconsideration and action under the constitution and bylaws of the ELCA and make a report to the Synod Assembly of the Synod Council’s actions in this regard;

Issues letters of call to Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ministers of Word and Service, as authorized by the ELCA;

Fills vacancies until the next regular meeting of the Synod Assembly in the incapacity of an officer of the synod;

Reports its actions to the regular meetings of the Synod Assembly; and

Performs other functions as needed.


Synod Council Members (2018-2019)


  • Bishop Pedro Suarez
  • Cheryl Stuart (Vice President)
  • Deacon Jerry Johnson (Treasurer)
  • Pr. Ken Blyth (Secretary)

Voting Members

North Mission District

  • Linda Rivera
  • Pr. Anna Figueiro
  • Aaron Schmalzle
  • Val Neuhart

Southeast Mission District

  • Chris Dickman
  • Ingrid Biesaart
  • Pr. Don Reiter

Southwest Mission District

  • Pam Fairfax
  • Pr. Jefferson Cox
  • Pr. Bruce Edwards
  • Thomas O’Reilly

Youth Voting Members

  • Annabella Parker
  • Nathaniel Stenke

At-Large Members

  • Dorothy Cole-Jackson
  • Pr. Jennifer Kopacz
  • Mary Flekke

Advisory Members

  • Tracy Moffatt (Synodical Women’s Organization)
  • Bill Horne (Churchwide Rep)