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spiritual formation for the everyday disciple

Diakonia is for any person who wants a more complete, more well rounded faith experience.  Although it does fulfill the educational requirement in the process to become a synod parish deacon, it is more a faith formation resource. It’s for all levels of faith formation…from knowing little to knowing a lot…it doesn’t matter.

“Over the course of two years that group of 14, with the guidance of gifted instructors,  grew into a tight knit faith community – learning, questioning, growing, sharing….forever touched….forever changed….”
Michele Hiltongraduate, 2007

diakonia students are committed to serve through the Church in a variety of ways: teaching, administration, liturgical leadership, action for social justice, evangelism, visitation of the sick, community organization, youth work, ministry among the elderly, and the like. In every way, they seek–and are helped by diakonia–to grow closer to the image and example of Christ the servant.

Each year diakonia hosts a retreat prior to the graduation ceremony.  This retreat is open to anyone who is, was, or interested in diakonia.

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Meet some diakonia Graduates

Lynn Harmening-Marlowe (diakonia graduate and former site director)

I observed how students change over the two years of classes. It is wonderful to watch a person grow confident in sharing their beliefs. Even a shy person begins to speak up more and volunteer more within their church.

The discussions become deeper than you could’ve ever imagined. In the small classroom atmosphere, the students become close to one another. This allows the students to feel comfortable while discussing difficult subjects and beliefs.

Your beliefs will be challenged and you will grow through the class subjects and discussions. Throughout this challenge you will become more confident in your beliefs and in your ability to explain why you believe what you believe.

On June 10, 2017 the Synod’s diakonia Program added 30 individuals to its list of graduates—plus one! The one is Teachi, a medium hair chihuahua. He is 13 years old and has served diakonia graduate Carolyn Gresham as a therapy dog for eight years. His training is in stroke/seizure alert.

“Teachi has been a delight in class. He absorbs all the lessons during class and has excellent attendance. He missed one class because he was at the Spa. Carolyn says he likes to be clean for Jesus.” In April, 2017, Teachi was presented with his own certificate of completion. The certificate states that Teachi “has attended and performed the duties in the diakonia leadership formation program and is declared a graduate…”