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Bishop’s School

For more than 25 years Region 9 of the ELCA has offered Bishop’s School, an opportunity for serious theological study, for outstanding high school students. The purpose of Bishops’ School is to provide an in-depth exposure to solid theological thinking and inquiry. This experience will bring together about 30 youth who will spend five days with faculty from ELCA colleges and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary and one Region 9 Bishop.

How much does Bishop’s School cost?

The fee changes every year, but it is around $450 per person. It is requested that payment of this fee be divided equally into three installments to be paid by the synod, the congregation, and the individual.

This fee covers all housing and meals during the event. Transportation costs are not included.

For those that are chosen to attend, the first installment will be due at the time of acceptance.

Who can attend Bishop’s School?

Candidates to consider are those who ask hard questions, stand out in confirmation classes, and exhibit a yearning to deepen their faith and explore their relationship with God. Consider the 10th, 11th and 12th grade youth in your congregation and nominate any whom you consider a solid candidate for the 2019 Bishop’s School.


What is the application process?

Once you have identified a youth and he or she has expressed an interest in attending, please request that they write a brief reflection in response to the following question:

As someone who follows Jesus, how do you experience God?  Also, how do you understand your call to live a Christian Life?

The student should submit this to you in electronic form and you are free to discuss this question/response with him or her.

How do I submit a nomination?

Once you have received the reflection, please follow this link: to complete the online nomination form. This form includes information about the nominee and the nominator. There will also be a place for you to state why you are nominating this person and a place for you to copy and paste the nominee’s written response to the above question.

If you desire additional information about the 2022 Bishops’ School, please contact the synod office: 813-876-7660.