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Synod Assembly 2017

Watch for pictures and more from this year’s Assembly coming soon!

Reports given at Synod Assembly 2017:

Assembly 2017 Summary: Report on Assembly 2017

Bishop Lohrmann’s Report to the Assembly, October 12: Bishop Lohrmann Report-fbsynod2017

Bishop Lohrmann’s sermon for opening worship, Oct. 12: Sermon for Florida-Bahamas Synod October 12 2017

Synod Council Vice President Cheryl Stuart’s Report, Oct. 14: 2017_VicePresident_Speech

Many of the prayers offered by Assembly Chaplain, Pr. Carol Solovitz, were spontaneous prayers based on the time and Spirit.  One prayer she did share was from the Iona Community.  It is shared here: Prayer of Journey from Iona

Another prayer offered by Pr. Carol comes from the ELW Morning Prayer service (p. 304):  “O God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown.  Give us faith to go out with good courage,not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.​”


Thank you to all who made this year’s Assembly possible!  Thank you to all who attended.

Mark your calendar for the 2018 Assembly–June 1-3 at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Kissimmee.  More information coming soon.

2017 Synod Assembly Photo Album

Photo credit: Pr. Keith Spencer
2017 Synod Assembly

Bishop's Election

There will be an election of a new bishop at this assembly.  Go to the Bishop’s Election Page for more information.

Bishop Election Prayer Resource (click to link)

Bishop’s Election Flow Chart: this flow chart shows the process for electing a bishop.  (note: this document has 2 flow charts with the same information on each.  Use whichever chart makes more sense to you!)

Bishop Election flow chart 2017 (PDF file)

Hotel and Assembly registratration

Hotel: Embassy Suites, Kissimmee

Register for Synod Assembly by CLICKING HERE.  At the end of the registration form, you will be given a link to register for a hotel room.  The entire hotel is being reserved for the Synod Assembly until Sept. 1, so please reserve your room(s) early.

Please note that the link to reserve a hotel room will only work  for ONE ROOM.  If you need to reserve more than one room, please call the hotel directly.


Synod Assembly will be at the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel in Kissimmee.  Breakfast is provided each day, and there’s a free manager’s reception each evening.  There are plenty of restaurants in the area for other meals.  There is a fitness room, a swimming pool and a video arcade.  You can find out more about the hotel here.

Parking at the hotel is limited, so please consider carpooling with others from your area.

Room reservations need to be made in addition to assembly registration.  Reservations can be made through a link available at the end of the registration process, or by contacting the hotel directly.  For reserving more than one room for your group, please call the hotel directly.

Print and fill out the Travel Equalization Form


Worship at Assembly

There will be multiple ways to nurture your spirit and come together around prayer, Word, Sacrament, and reflection during the Assembly.  Music will be led by a variety of excellent musicians from throughout the synod.  Worship is open to all, even those who are not registered for the assembly.

Assembly Chaplain

There will be a chaplain available throughout the assembly for prayer and personal conversation as needed. A prayer room will be available for personal prayer and reflection.

Plenary, Agenda, Resolutions and Elections

Notes about the Plenary

The agenda for the Assembly is available in Guidebook.  A 2017 Assembly Agenda-Oct6 is available here, but please check Guidebook for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Standing Rules–All Assemblies

This year’s assembly is a business assembly, meaning there are fewer workshops and more time in plenary.  The assembly will be considering resolutions and memorials, voting for synod council positions and other committee positions, and considering the budget for the next year.


Nomination Form-2017- Fillable (works best when saved FIRST, before filling it out)

If you think you are open to be nominated from the floor at the Assembly, please come to Assembly prepared with a filled out nomination form and a picture.  If there is someone in your congregation open to being nominated from the floor, please bring their paperwork and picture to the Assembly with you.


This year there will be an election for Synod Council Vice President (4 yr term, lay).  Please be prayerfully considering the nominations for this position.  Nominations for Synod Council Vice President can be submitted until September 1.

This year there will be an election for Synod Council Secretary (4 yr term; clergy or lay).  Please be prayerfully considering the nominations for this position.  Nominations for Synod Council Secretary can be submitted until September 1.

The other positions open for election on the Synod Council are:

  • North Mission District (1) Lay Female  (3 yr. term): Includes 1st Coast, Heart of Florida, Pinelands, Panhandle & Flagler-Volusia Conferences
  • Southeast Mission District (1) Clergy (male or female, 3 yr. term): Includes Miami-Dade, Broward-Bahamas, Tradewinds & Space Coast Conferences
  • Southwest Mission District (1) Lay Male (3 yr. term): Includes Lake, Mid-Gulf, Tampa, Sun Coast, Gulf Coast & Caloosa Conferences
  • Southwest Mission District (1) Person of Color or Language Other than English (PCLE) (male or female, 3 yr. term): Includes Lake, Mid-Gulf, Tampa, Sun Coast, Gulf Coast & Caloosa Conferences
  • Youth (1) (Male or Female, 2 yr. term)

Additional elections for:

Consultation Committee–2 positions (in good standing for a six year term)

  • Two Lay (Male or Female)
  • One Clergy (Male or Female)

Nominations from the floor are strongly discouraged.  Please submit nominations before September 1.  The person being nominated has to agree to be nominated and has to fill out a nomination form.  A fillable nomination form can be downloaded, saved and emailed to Sr. Michelle Collins (  Please include a photo with the nomination form.

The Assembly will also be considering resolutions and memorials this year.  Resolutions are actions for the synod.  Memorials are sent on to the churchwide unit for consideration by the ELCA Church Council or by the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.  Resolutions from the floor are also strongly discouraged, so please submit your resolutions early.  Review the standing rules of procedure regarding resolutions at assembly.  Memorials and Resolutions should be submitted to the synod office before the Assembly so they can be reviewed by the Committee on Reference and Council.  Resolutions and Memorials from the floor are strongly discouraged.

In this memo, learn more about resolutions and memorials at synod assemblies.

Workshops at the Assembly

Since this assembly is a business assembly, there will not be much time for workshops.  Assembly feedback has consistently recommended that the agenda provide time for networking and relationship building.  This year’s assembly agenda reflects that.  Groups may organize for informal conversations during meal times.  The Connections Cafe will provide display space and opportunity for networking and connections.

Voting at Assembly

Voting members of the Assembly

Each congregation is encouraged to send 2 adult voting members to the assembly.  Active rostered ministers are also voting members.  In addition, each congregation may also send one youth voting member to the assembly.  Others from your congregation may come to the assembly as guests, and may sit in on the plenary sessions but may not vote.

This chart of Roberts Rules may be helpful in understanding how to take action during the plenary (click on it to see it clearly):

Youth voting members and youth guests get a reduced registration rate for the assembly, and will be guided through the assembly by the Sue Mendenhall and Kristen Hitchcock, this year’s youth coordinator.  Youth will have their own opportunities to meet up for conversation and fellowship throughout the assembly.


Technology at the Assembly

Please bring your own laptop, iPad, tablet or other device to access Guidebook and relevant materials throughout the assembly.  We are continuing our commitment to a paperless assembly, and are working closely with the hotel to ensure adequate wireless bandwidth.  We will be using voting machines for elections, but everything else will be on Guidebook, which is available as an app or is available online.  Using Guidebook means we can make updated information available much easier.

Instructions on Accessing guidebook from an internet browser

If you prefer printed material, please print it before you come to assembly.  Please note that the worship material is also on Guidebook, and printed bulletins will not be provided for worship at assembly.

Fellowship and Fun

There are plenty of restaurants in the area around the hotel, and time is built into the agenda for fellowship and relaxation.  Here are a few highlights to keep in mind.

 Special feature at Assembly: Castle Church Brewing

The Florida-Bahamas Synod’s newest Word and Sacrament community will be pouring samples of craft beer from the church’s brewery in the heart of Orlando. Castle Church brews a lineup of Reformation-themed beers such as Luther Lager, Indulgences Double IPA, Means of Grace, Here I Stand Stout, and others you can read about at:  Come experience what “Brewing Community. Fermenting Love” is all about! Responsible beer sampling is on the house, and you are welcome to pick up a “Freed and Renewed in Christ“ 500th commemorative mug for a $100 donation or more. We have 57 mugs, and the last three mugs will be auctioned off as a set! All types of donation will be accepted to help overshoot our goal of $6000 and given on behalf of our Synod to ELCA World Hunger and their work to help people lift themselves out of hunger and poverty for the long-term! Come join the community and remember to try All Saint’s Einbecker Ale, an authentic reproduction of Martin Luther’s favorite beer brewed by Castle Church and served cold from their Sun-Cooled Beer mobile event trailer!  All are welcome.


Manager’s Reception each evening

Each evening, enjoy a beverage ‘on the house’ as a part of the Manager’s Reception.


Friday evening: A Reformation-themed feast

Friday evening there will be an optional German-themed buffet, featuring beer from Castle Church and followed by Beer and Hymns.  You can reserve tickets ($15/person) to this meal when you register, but it is a separate cost from the assembly registration.