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Pastor Coverage for Freeport

Pastoral Coverage for Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Freeport, Bahamas

Pastors who are able to provide respite/relief coverage for Pr. Lewis at Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Freeport–please fill out the form below to express your interest and availability.  As dates are ‘reserved,’ the calendar will be updated to show when there is a need for pastoral coverage.  The desire is to offer Pr. Lewis one Sunday a month of respite/relief between November, 2019 and December, 2020.  If you have questions, please contact Jim Habermehl at

The Commitment:  One Sunday worship service and approximately 4 hours of ‘pastoral availability’ on Saturday – we don’t know what that will look like – perhaps working with some members of the church to distribute supplies…perhaps meeting with community members to hear their stories and pray with them.

Travel to the Bahamas may require going into Nassau and then taking another flight to Freeport.  There are flights to Freeport but many have layovers in Miami.  Depending on your travel arrangements the visit may need a full week end (Departing on Friday and returning on Sunday).

You will need to rent a car and reserve a hotel room…we have suggestions for both.

We estimate the cost for a week end will run approximately $1,500.00.  We will be grateful for whatever expenses the fostering congregation can provide: the Synod will reimburse all costs not provided by the fostering congregation.

Dates will be booked on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, based on the date of submitting the form below.  Once we have a confirmed list of supply pastors, Jim Habermehl will send out info on hotels in the area, car rental suggestions, etc.

The Initial weekends so far are:

  • Nov 22-24 (taken)
  • Dec 6-8 (taken),
  • Jan 17-19, 2020 (taken)
  • Feb 21-23 (taken)
  • March 20-22 (taken)
  • April 17-19 (taken)
  • May 15-17 (taken)
  • June 19-21
  • July (taken)
  • August (choose your date)
  • September (choose your date)
  • October (choose your date)

If you would like to go but are not available for any of the remaining weekends, please put one or two date preferences in the ‘date available’ section of the form, and we will be in touch with you about the needs/opportunities.

Pastor Coverage for Freeport