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Did you know that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana (ELCG) is over 270 years old?  Brought over by a few Dutch settlers in the 1730’s – the Lutheran Church continues to serve today in a country now dominated by Indian, Chinese, and Muslim influences – and an even stronger Anglican history.  There are 6 ordained clergy who have several deacons each, serving under them and providing spiritual care for over 40 churches.  Some congregations are in extremely remote, up-river areas.

The most recent trip to Guyana occurred in November of 2019.  There is a strong bond between the women’s groups of the ELCG and the Florida-Bahamas Synod.  Marcee Wilkes and Chris Klafs of the FB Synod have attended conventions in Guyana and have hosted women from both Guyana and Suriname when they have come to the WELCA conventions in Lake Yale.  There is a desire to forge a deeper partnership in the area of leadership training and development .

Marcee Wilkes ( is the chair of the team that oversees both Guyana and Suriname.  Please contact her or Rev. Katie Carroll (, Global Mission Table Chair, to learn more and get involved.

The following report is from Guyana-Suriname Team member and longtime friend of Guyana, Chris Klafs:

I was thankful to be in Guyana from April 26th to May 7th, 2016. I was there for the ELCG Convention, May 1-3.  The theme of the 73rd Convention was “Liberated by God’s Grace”. We were entertained by students from the Guyana Lutheran Music Academy. While I was there I was able to visit many Pastors and Deacons in their parishes from Georgetown to New Amsterdam and on through to Skeldon.”

An inside look at our ministry in Guyana: