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Resource Request

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Check Out These Resources 

The Resource Center has samples of some of the resources mentioned below.  Contact Michelle Collins ( to learn more.

For young children:  Frolic

For Sunday School/children:  Holy Moly!

Especially for Youth: t.b.d.

Learn more about this resource HERE.

How it works

Each T.B.D. lesson invites students to use their experiences, Christian tradition, and the Bible to unpack a theological idea and test that idea out in the world. Using their Student Journals as a workbook, students jot down thoughts, share questions, and walk through a group discussion that allows them to figure out not only what they believe, but also why they believe.

Throughout the four-session unit, students dive deep into the topic of prayer and uncover key beliefs, such as:

  • Prayer is important
  • There’s a right way to pray
  • Prayer changes things
  • Prayer changes God

For adults of all ages: Dialogues on…

For adults of all ages: Animate-Practices

Faith Formation links is a resource site for children’s ministry in congregations using the Narrative Lectionary.  This link directs you to several Faith Practices resources that might be useful for your ministry setting as you strive to create followers of Christ who are committed to growing in faith, love and obedience to God’s will.  The “Five Gifts of Discipleship” resources highlight the current Faith Practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and offer not only bible studies related to these faith practices, but also group activities corresponding to the various liturgical seasons. The resource, “Story Matters” is also posted and this resource provides ministry settings the opportunity to combine the Book of Faith Initiative, Discipleship Small Groups, and Mission Strategic Planning as they seek ways to create passion for bible study, discipleship and mission planning.  For more information contact Rev. Brenda K. Smith at  Thank you!


LEAD Congregations Cooperating for Mission

Christian Education Network of the ELCA

Vibrant Faith

Christian Education Associates – Episcopal Church (Forma)

Building Faith – from Virginia Theological Seminary

Lesson Plans that Work – Lectionary

The Workshop Rotation Ideas & Lesson Exchange

Communion & Confirmation Resources for those with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities 

Ministry with People with Intellectual Disabilities

Cross+Generational BibleSong by Faith Inkubators

Family-Focused Ministry

Videos & Curriculum about Lutheran Faith  from Luther House of Study

Confirmation Blogspot

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