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COVID-19 Grant Request Form for Congregations

Florida-Bahamas Synod COVID-19 Special Grant Funding Application

As we continue to respond to the urgent COVID-19 related need within our congregations, the Florida-Bahamas Synod is offering a grant up to $2,000 for those responding to our current affairs through increased technological advancements, mercy ministries, or Racial Justice ministries.

Funding will be used to accompany, strengthen, and empower congregations responding to rising needs in their local areas. Our goal is to assist those congregations serving communities living in poverty and communities of color, as well as those at-risk communities that have been severely impacted by COVID-19.

This grant will also support food pantries and feeding programs that assist at-risk communities. We will award funds to congregations that are best positioned to help with their community’s needs, specifically those congregations that already have systems in place to receive and distribute assistance.

How and when will funds be awarded?

A Covid-19 Grant Gift Committee will administer grants as funds become available. The committee includes representatives from the Florida-Bahamas Synod staff and Executive Committee. The congregation’s application will be considered and scored using a rubric based on the values found on Page 1.

How do we apply?

If your congregation would like to be considered for funds from the special appeal, simply complete the short one-page application below and click ‘Submit Request’. If you have trouble with this form, you may answer the questions in the body of an email and send it to Pr. Rob Rose at

COVID-19 Relief Fund Application
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