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Bishop’s Visits

Bishop’s Visits

For the past several years, the bishop has combined a series of visits during Lent with a Chrism mass to create what we’ve called “Lenten Visits.” The purpose of these visits was for the bishop to facilitate some focused discussion throughout the synod on various ministry topics, to invite rostered ministers and others to be part of a worship service fashioned after the Chrism mass which included consecration of oil for pastoral visits and affirmation of call to public ministry, and to create specific opportunities for intentional listening and sharing between the Bishop and congregational members. These visits have been an important part of the ministry of the Office of the Bishop in providing a learning and worship opportunity outside of Synod Assembly and Conference on Ministry.
This year, Bishop Suarez is going to experiment with a different way to achieve these goals: provide a chrism mass for rostered ministers to receive consecrated oil, create a series of visits throughout the synod to expand contact and connection with the bishop, and facilitate intentional conversation throughout the synod on ministry topics relevant to missional priorities. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to cancel the Chrism Mass on April 7. 

Bishop Visits will include a time of learning and dialogue with Bishop Suarez and a worship service. The Bishop’s visits events will run from 9:00 to 12:30. The dates/locations for these visits are:

Please check back periodically for updated events below.



At this year’s Bishop’s Visits, the time with the Bishop before worship will focus on conversations about the third emphasis of Bishop Suarez’s vision—intentional diversity. Through reflection and dialogue, Bishop Suarez will lead a discussion about how we live in community and relationship with each other in a way that honors our various perspectives and worldviews.  In a time when opinions and perspectives are more and more polarizing, how do we stay in community together as the Body of Christ?  How are we called to engage in discussion and dialogue with others who have drastically different opinions about things that we all feel strongly about?  Let’s talk about it.


Click on your preferred venue above to be taken to the RSVP page. Although there is no cost for these events, a $5 donation for breakfast (or $20/congregation) is appreciated. Please leave this donation in the basket near the refreshments.