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Bishop’s Election

Synod Profile


This 2017 Synod Demographic Profile includes demographic data for the Florida-Bahamas Synod

The 2017 survey summary (all answers) provides summary data based on the 202 responses collected from the Synod Profile Survey (2 pages)

The 2017 Survey Summary (split) provides summary data based on the responses of rostered ministers vs. non-rostered ministers collected from the Synod Profile Survey (2 pages)

The Survey Summary–with responses includes the entire packet of information collected from the Synod Profile Survey, including individual responses (36 pages)

Information related to the 2017 Bishop’s election.

For more information about the Assembly, go to the Assembly page.

Scroll down to find:

  • Forms related to the election process
  • videos explaining the role of bishop and the bishop’s election process
  • Pre-identification process timeline
  • link to synod constitution, which includes the ‘job description’ of the bishop

Preparing to elect a bishop at Assembly 2017

2017 Synod Assembly letter from Council Secretary

Forms related to the election

Instructions for 3-room forums at Synod Assembly: these 3-room forum instructions will explain the process we will go through with the final 3 candidates rotating through 3 rooms for a time of Q&A.

Background check authorization and disclosure form: this Background Check Authorization Form gives the synod staff permission to run a background check, and provides space for disclosure information for pastors open to the call to the office of the bishop. Please download the form, fill it out, and send it back to the synod office.  Those whose names are on the third ballot at the election will also be asked to fill out this form.

Biographical Information form:  pastors who are allowing their name to be lifted up in this pre-identification process need to complete and submit the 2017 Nominee Bio Form (download, fill out, save, and send back to the address included on the form).  This is the SAME FORM that the nominees whose names are on the 3rd ballot at the election will complete and submit.

Additional Resources to help understand the role of bishop:

    • In this YouTube video, ELCA Secretary Rev. Chris Boerger explains the role of bishop as articulated in the Constitution. In this video, Interim Bishop reflects on the “Bishop as theologian” as part of another synod’s ministry convocation
    • The synod constitution lays out the expectations of the bishop that most closely resembles a ‘job description.’  The sections related to the bishop are found on pages 13-16 of the SYNOD CONSTITUTION – 2016.

Videos to help understand the role of bishop and the process of a bishop’s election


In this video, Bishop Lohrmann and Synod Council Vice President discuss the role of the bishop (part 1), and the specifics of this election (part 2), including an explanation of the pre-identification process. Part 2 begins at minute 19:55.

What’s a Bishop to do? Part 2 only from Florida-Bahamas Synod.  In this video, Synod Council Vice President Cheryl Stuart discusses the specifics of this year’s election process, including the pre-identification process.

In this animated video, the steps of an ecclesiastical ballot are explained.

Pre-identification process timeline:

  • First week of August: synod profile with data from survey is released
  • August 21: Pre-identification OPENS; pre-identified individuals notified when their name is submitted
  • September 1: Pre-identification period CLOSES (no names will be received after this point)
  • September 11: Completed Biographical forms are due
  • September 18: Names of persons open to call who have submitted biographical information are released and posted on the web site
  • October 9: Names and biographical forms are removed from the synod web site
  • October 12-14: Election of a Bishop at Synod Assembly

Bishop Robert G. Schaefer of the Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCA, announced his resignation as bishop, effective March 31, 2017.  Bishop Marcus Lohrmann was appointed as interim bishop, effective April 1.  A bishop’s election will occur during this year’s Synod Assembly, which will now be Oct. 12-14, 2017.  Below are links to communications related to this transition.

Click here for the full announcement (February 10, 2017)