This is an Advent resource that focuses on the experiences of Latin Americans in the Florida-Bahamas Synod. Each week’s materials include a taped conversation with Margarita Romo, scripture readings, a few paragraphs of instructional material, discussion questions, and suggested music from Lutheran hymnals and other resources.

Congregations and individuals can decide for themselves how to use the resources for each week—whether in a worship service, a Bible study, or some combination of the two. Some people may wish to join together online to engage with the resources.

Click here to download the full four-week set or download each week individually below. (Please note — video interviews will be posted soon).

Week One: Mother of Jesus; Mother of God

We look at how the few biblical references to Mary have developed into a variety of beliefs and expressions of belief in the Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox churches. We will be introduced to Margarita Romo, another ordinary woman called by God to do extraordinary things.

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Week Two: Visions and Wonders

We look at biblical stories of visions and divine intervention as we consider the belief that the Virgin Mary has made miraculous appearances in various places and reflect on our own experiences of sacred places and miracles. Margarita Romo describes how this impacts her work.

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Week Three: Our Lady of Guadalupe & Our Call to Work for Justice

We look at the Bible’s call for justice as we learn about a Mexican peasant’s experiences and how they have become important to the people of Latin America and to advocates for justice throughout the world. Margarita Romo will share her work to secure justice for farmworkers.

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Week Four: Las Posadas and Our Call to Hospitality

We look at the Bible’s commands to offer hospitality as we learn about traditional Latin American practices in the days leading up to Christmas. Margarita will share her work to secure justice for immigrants.

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