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Transition/Call Process

The Transition Process Checklist is a discernment tool for helping the congregation to determine its readiness to begin the call process. It includes a form that needs to be completed and returned to both the dean and the assistant to the bishop assigned to the congregation. Locate your conference dean.

Additional Resources

“Thanksgiving At Conclusion Of Call” (this resource is found in section 1 of the Transition Manual)

Enrich & Transform:  Welcoming LGBTQ Candidates into the Call Process

Video – “Getting Ready”

Vision & Expectations – Ministers of Word and Sacrament

Vision & Expectations – Ministers of Word and Service

Congregations with vacancies (updated list unavailable at this time.  Please contact the synod office with specific questions)

Table of Contents for Generic Safety Template (list of helpful/important policies and safety documents)

Mission Insite Start-up Instructions    Core View     Community View    Fusion View

From the Transition Manual

(updated Aug. 2018)
Sections 1-2: The Interim & Discernment Period

Sections 3-5:    The Call Committee & Congregation Mission Profile

Sections 6-8:    Interviewing & Calling a New Pastor

Sections 9-10:  Welcoming the New Pastor & Early Ministry

Watch for information about upcoming training events and other transitional ministry events in 2019